Casino Deposit Pal Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs You about how we protect Your Personal Data when You use our Website or platform. It informs You about how we collect and use Your information and how and why we share it with third parties. By using this platform, You give us permission to collect and use Your data without interruptions. Read this Privacy Policy to understand how we handle Your personal details.


Here are some definitions for the terms that are used on this page frequently.

  • Client. The person using the Website or services offered by the Company.
  • Company. The operator of Casino Deposit Pal that provides the Website and services.
  • Personal Data. The information that helps us identify the user, such as name, contact info, payment details, etc.
  • User Data. The information we collect from Casino Deposit Pal’s Website users.
  • Cookies. Small text files used for tracking and improving user experiences stored on the user’s device.
  • Website. The online platform operated by the Company where users can access its services.
  • Service Provider. A third party the Company uses for specific services and tasks, such as marketing agencies, payment processors, etc.
  • Privacy. The user’s right to control their personal information and how the Company collects and uses it.
  • Data Usage. How the Company employs User Data and the reasons for its collection and processing.
  • Web Beacons. Small graphics embedded in emails and web pages that track users’ behaviours and interactions on the Website.
  • Data Collection. The collection of information about the user’s identity and interactions from multiple sources.
  • You. The person accessing and using the Website.

Types of Data We Gather

Casino Deposit Pal collects various types of data from You to provide You with its services and improve Your experience. Below, we explain the types of data we collect and how we use it.

Personal Data

Personal Data is the information that identifies You, such as Your first and last name, email address, phone number, and other details specific to You. We must collect Personal Data to provide You with our services. We use it for:

  • Account Creation. You must provide Personal Data to create and manage Your Casino Deposit Pal account.
  • Support. We can help You with questions and concerns more effectively if we have access to Your Personal Data.
  • Security. We use Personal Data to enhance Your account’s safety and protect our platform through fraud prevention measures and regular verification checks.
  • Communication. We use Personal Data to send You notifications, updates and important information about Your account and our services.
  • Legal Compliance. We use Personal Data to verify Your location and age and ensure You are eligible for our services.

Usage Data

Usage data is information about Your behaviour and interaction with the Casino Deposit Pal platform. We collect this data automatically when You use our Website, and it serves the following purposes:

  • Analytics. We use usage data to learn about trends and user behaviour and use that knowledge to change and improve our services.
  • Customisation. By collecting usage data, we can provide content and recommendations to personalise Your experience.
  • Service Improvement. We collect usage data to improve the platform’s functionality, find the areas that need enhancement and optimise user experiences.
  • Security. Usage data helps us detect and prevent malicious activities and protect Your data and our platform.
  • Maintenance. By collecting usage data, we quickly diagnose and solve technical issues, ensuring You have a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Cookies are files of information that the server generates and places on Your device when You visit the Website. There are multiple types of Cookies, and they help improve the overall experience.

Essential Cookies

Essential Cookies grant You access to crucial features and secure areas and help You navigate the platform. They are a necessity because our services may not function properly without them.

Performance Cookies

Performance Cookies tell us how You use our platform, which pages You visit, and if You have any problems or difficulties. They help us improve the performance of our Website and services.

Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies remember Your settings and preferences to enhance Your user experience. They save login info and language preferences and display personalised content to make Your interactions with the casino more convenient.

There are two functional Cookies categories – Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary and used for essential functions. They are disabled when the session ends. Persistent Cookies save Your login status and other preferences for a specific period. These stay on Your device even if You close Your browser.

Methods We Use to Gather Your Data

We at Casino Deposit Pal have two different methods of collecting Your data.

Information provided by users voluntarily

The information You share with us during the registration process, when making transactions, or when signing up for newsletters is provided voluntarily. We collect this data respecting Your Privacy and use it according to the applicable laws.

Automated data gathering

Besides voluntarily-provided data, we also collect information through Cookies and similar technologies. We track Your interaction with our Website and understand how to personalise the experience and improve our services. The use of Cookies is a preference. You are free to disable them through Your browser settings at any time.

How We Store Your Data

Ensuring data security and confidentiality is our main priority. Here’s how we store and protect Your information and Your rights regarding data retention.

There are specific laws governing the collection and storage of User Data, and we adhere to them. They establish clear guidelines on data handling and safeguard Your Privacy.

We store Your data in physical facilities with strong security measures to prevent unauthorised access or theft. Data is securely stored in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

We use multiple advanced security measures to protect User Data. These include regular audits, access controls, firewalls, and encryption. We update these measures frequently to offer You the best protection of Your details.

We retain collected data for as long as You are our user to provide You with personalised services. But You can request the deletion of Your personal information from our servers. Then, we quickly comply with Your request according to the legal requirements.

What We Use Your Personal Data for

Collecting Your Personal Data helps us provide You with a customised and seamless experience. Below, we describe what we use Your information for.

  • Monitoring the usage of our site and maintaining our services. Your data helps us find and solve potential issues quickly.
  • Communication with You. We rely on Your contact information to reach You and present You with notifications and updates.
  • Personalisation. Your data helps us create content and offers that align with Your preferences.
  • Insights and analysis. Your data helps us understand user behaviour and trends and enhance Your experience.
  • Business Transactions like payment processing and identity verifications.
  • Compliance with legal requirements. We use Your data to verify Your age and fulfil other legal obligations.
  • We may use Your data for marketing campaigns, research of usage trends, and improvement of our services based on Your feedback.

GDPR Compliance and Your Privacy

The GDPR is a broad framework established by the European Union. It protects users’ data and Privacy by setting strict rules for companies. The GDPR gives users more control over their personal information and requires companies to responsibly protect and handle users’ data. GDPR benefits users in multiple ways, such as:

  • Data Privacy. Users know exactly how and why their data is used and who can access it.
  • Consent. Users must give consent for their data to be used, and they can withdraw it at any time.
  • Right to Be Forgotten. Users can request the deletion of their data from the Company’s servers anytime.

GDPR Legal Basis for Data Collection and Processing

We can only collect and process Your data if You have given us consent and authorisation. Without it, we are legally prohibited from collecting, using and storing Your personal information.

We only collect and process users’ data under the following conditions:

  • Consent. You must have given us Your consent to process Your data for the specified purposes.
  • Legal Requirements. We must process Your data to comply with legal obligations.
  • Contracts. We need to use Your data for any agreements with You or pre-contractual obligations related to them.
  • Important Interests. We process Your data to protect Your interests.
  • Legitimate Interests. The collection and processing of Your data is necessary for the Company’s interests.
  • Public Interests. We may use Your data when it’s the Company’s official duty or necessary for something important and beneficial for the public.

Your Rights Under GDPR

Under GDPR and the law, if You are in the EU, You have the right to:

  • Request access, update or deletion of Your data directly or with our help.
  • Request correction of inaccurate or incomplete information we have about You.
  • Request data removal if You think we don’t have a reason to keep processing it.
  • Request automated information transfer, which we will provide to You or a third party.
  • Object to where we process Your data for direct marketing.
  • Withdraw Your consent and say no to us using Your information. But if You do that, You may be unable to use some parts of our service.

Sharing, Transfering, and Disclosing Your Data

Your Privacy and safety are our priority, so we handle Your personal information responsibly. We can legally share, transfer and disclose Your data to third parties only for the following:

  • Data Storage in special Data Platforms managed by other companies. These companies may be in different countries, and we send them Your information so they can keep it safe.
  • Problem-solving, fraud-preventing, to protect You and our stuff, or if we need to follow specific rules and laws.
  • Help and assistance from customer service agents, phone or email administration providers, and other services.
  • Ensuring safety.
  • Partner Services, such as when You fill out an online form requesting more details about a product or service. We share Your data with the Company providing the product or service so they can contact You.
  • Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing.
  • If our Company is sold, merged with another Company, or goes bankrupt, we must share all stored Personal Data with the new owner. All that while ensuring they follow the rules and respect Your rights.

Vulnerable Groups Protection

Online gambling is a favoured leisure activity for adults only, as it involves real money and various risks. We at Casino Deposit Pal take responsible gambling very seriously. It means we make sure adults can have fun gambling online while protecting vulnerable groups of people such as:


We take multiple measures to protect children from the potential risks and harms of online gambling. Our platform is unavailable for minors. We have tools like age verification to prevent underage gambling. We don’t consciously collect Personal Data from children under 16. If that somehow happens, we make sure to delete it as soon as possible.

Former Gamblers and Recovering Addicts

We support problem gamblers. We provide them with resources and restriction tools like BetBlocker and GamStop. We also promote gambling support networks like GamCare and BeGambleAware.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy to add new legal requirements or practices. We will notify You about the changes promptly.

We recommend You visit this page frequently for updates and the latest information on how we protect Your Personal Data.

All changes to this Privacy Policy become effective once we post them on this page.